Why Vinyl Matte Wrap Trumps Traditional Paint Jobs


Protect your car and change it’s appearance with “color change” vinyl wraps.

Skip the fumes, wrap it for a “matte” finish !

You can drastically improve the appearance of your car without the commitment or cost of a paint job.

Wrap Solutions is dedicated to providing their customers with a durable, high quality product that promises a satisfied return on investment.
Wether you are going for eye catching commercialization, or a personalized stylish finish, we’ve got you covered. Heres why our vinyl matte wrap beats the traditional paint job.

Our 100% vinyl matte wrap:

  1. Less expensive than paint
  2. fast application
  3. increased preservation
  4. Easy to maintain & change.
  • Endless Customization – Our vinyl matte wrap allows the highest ability of customization and costs up to 1/5 of what a professional paint job would charge. Want your car to be neon orange? Done. Want to transform your car into the Bat Mobile? Done. What ever floats your boat–or, car we should say, Wrap Solutions is dedicated to your vision.
  • Fast Application – In less than a week, we can enhance the protection of your car from natural weathering and preserve it in envious style. Our wrap is easy to apply, change and maintain, and gives our customers constant flexibility that you cannot get with permanent paint. Vinyl matte is easy to remove and replace, and does not effect the original exterior of your car. There is nothing that paint can do that our vinyl matte wrap can’t.
  • Boosted Resale Value & Preservation –  Eliminate paint, eliminate depreciation. With our vinyl matte wrap, you will not have to worry about your car’s color fading or chipping. Our one-time easy apply matte finish will instantly cover up any unappealing scratches, dents or peeling, and leave your car looking sleek and sexy.  We are dedicated to preserving the quality of your car and ensuring confidence in our customers and provide security in your car’s long-term value.

At Wrap Solutions, there isn’t a car we wont take care of. If you are looking to upgrade your cars style, protection and value, look no further – wrap it up today