Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Wrap can and will protect your car!


Wrapping a car is like covering your phone with a case, you need protection. Here at Wrap Solutions, we have the best professionals and material to wrap your whole car without a scratch.

Did you know?


  • Installing a vinyl is cheaper than painting;
  • Vinyl does not devalue your car as painting does;
  • It’s difficult to tell that our material is not painted;
  • Hides dings or scratches and “freshens” the look of your vehicle;
  • Warranties and/or lease agreements remain valid. Painting can void warranties, increase the cost of insurance, and is not even an option with a lease
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The flat look of a matte finish is one of the most popular looks in the automotive world. The flat look of matte paint is becoming increasingly popular and a great way to stand out. Wrap Solutions uses a high-quality vinyl wrap material that can be easily removed if you want to go back to the original look. We’ve seen how many customers come looking for a matte finish at Wrap Solutions and know how to give them what they’re looking for. Our expert team has experience wrapping all types of vehicles with custom vinyl wraps.

Matte black wraps are the most popular color choice for customers seeking matte finish. Wrapping your vehicle with a vinyl wrap is the easiest way to get the sought after matte look.

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    With the proper care, a matte wrap can last for more than 5 years. Customizing a vehicle with matte vinyl wraps is much cheaper and easier to maintain than a custom paint job. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can get an awesome matte finish for your car. Contact us today to find out more about how Wrap Solutions can transform your vehicle with a sleek matte finish.