So, you have tried the general marketing tactics but still can’t seem to capture the attention of the local Boston audience. You know what is HIGHLY prevalent in Boston? Traffic.

Rev Up Your Brand Awareness in Boston

What if your marketing could travel the city with you? We are talking about promoting your business with car wrap advertising – a dynamic and cost-effective way to transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard, reaching a wider audience and boosting brand awareness.

Benefits of Car Wrap Ads 

High Visibility

Traffic congestion is a reality in Boston. Adding an eye-catching graphic to company vehicles with car wrap advertising puts your brand right in front of potential customers while you’re on the highway, at red lights, or cruising down city streets.

Targeted Reach

You can plan your routes to hit specific neighborhoods or areas where your ideal customers reside, maximizing the impact of your brand’s message.

Cost-Effective Marketing

A high-quality wrap can last for several years, delivering continuous brand exposure without recurring costs.

How To Craft the Perfect Car Wrap Ad for Your Boston Business

Know Your Audience

Before you start designing, get to know your target audience. Learn their age, interests, and pain points to customize your message and connect with them.

Keep It Simple

Traffic can move fast. Keep your message clear and concise with bold fonts, high-contrast colors, and big, impactful visuals.

Highlight Your Brand

Your car wrap ad is an extension of your brand. Use your logo and brand colors consistently to make it flow.

Include a Call to Action

Don’t just showcase your brand; tell viewers what to do next. Include your website address, phone number, or a special promotion to generate leads and sales.

Taking Your Car Wrap Advertising Strategy to the Next Level

Utilize QR Codes 

Include a QR code that, when scanned, directs viewers to your website or a special local offer.

Promote Your Physical Location 

Display info for a promotion on your vehicle wrap to drive business to your physical location. Customers can get a deal if they bring a picture of your wrapped vehicle on the road or something similar.

boston car wrap design

Strategic Placement: Where Your Car Wrap Ad Makes a Difference

Full Wrap vs. Partial Wrap

A full car wrap has the best visibility, but if you want to save money, a partial wrap, covering maybe just one side, might be better. Just make sure your competition isn’t on the other. Making sure a consistent style is used across all fleet vehicle wraps is important.

High-Visibility Areas

Focus on the largest parts of the car, like the doors, hood, and trunk for ads. The back window is also a great spot for displaying contact details.

Compliance with Regulations

Massachusetts has specific regulations regarding window tinting. To avoid fines, make sure your car wrap advertising design adheres to these guidelines.

pest control van wrap

Tracking the Impact of Your Car Wrap Ads

Track Website Traffic

Utilize UTM codes (Urchin Tracking Module) to track website traffic generated by car wrap referrals. 

Get Promo Codes

Include a unique promo code on your car wrap ad that customers can use when making a purchase. People like discounts, and this will help you measure the ROI.

Social Media Integration

Make your car wrap ad is interesting enough for those who see it to take pictures with and share on social media. This creates user-generated content, increasing brand awareness.

To wrap up…

Remember, a well-designed car wrap is an investment that keeps rolling in benefits for years to come. So, hit the gas on your marketing strategy and get a quality car wrap ad by Contacting the Boston Vehicle Wrap Pros at Wrap Solutions today.