So you decided to wrap your car with a custom vehicle wrap. Fantastic. A wrapped vehicle is the perfect way to get your company noticed. Now you just need a car wrap design that fits your brand and product. Don’t know where to start? No problem! At Wrap Solutions we specialize in custom, branded vehicle wraps guaranteed to turn heads and get your business! We work side by side with our clients to assure them the design for their branded car wrap matches their vision. Our staff is compiled of graphic design experts, branding gurus, and wrap professionals. A large part of our business is vehicle wrapping, but the other half is creating and elevating your company’s brand.  Today, we will discuss the importance of vehicle wrap design, and what elements go into a great, mobile advertisement.


What goes into creating a great advertisement?

Unless it’s Superbowl Sunday, we tend to tune out and skip advertisements as frequently as possible. Traditionally, the content in an ad is aimed to convert potential customers into frequent, paying customers. There is an overflow of information, packaged in a way that tries to sell you on a product or service. Traditional ads tend to focus more on their service than the customer. So the question always is: How do you buy the loyalty of a customer? The easiest way to create a loyal customer is to set up a branded environment that they trust. You need to speak the language of what they value, and seamlessly provide that value. At Wrap Solutions, we take pride in creating vehicle wraps that entice customers effortlessly.


The most important information to include on your custom vehicle wrap is your company’s name, logo, contact information, and colors. With this info in place, potential new customers will see your vehicle in the area you service and immediately know what you do and how they can get in touch.

Wrap Solutions is able to help businesses of all types design a custom vehicle wrap with their logo, color scheme, and a branded message. We take your car and transform it into a mobile billboard. Are you a cleaning service on your way to a client’s house? Effortlessly advertise and gain new clients in the process! Potential new customers and clients will be interacting with your company passively, which is the first step in converting a new customer. 


A call to action is important to give new customers clear directions on how to take advantage of what you offer. Because of this, your branded vehicle wrap should almost always include a clear slogan or call to action. That way when someone sees your cleaning service fleet, they will know that your service has been around for the longest, for a good reason. Your company’s brand is dedicated to going the extra mile for your customers, which is why you are dominating the competition. 


Have any questions about the process? We are always happy to talk wraps and how to help your company, only at Wrap Solutions!