Advertising is everywhere these days. Companies strive to get their logo in as many places as possible in order for maximum exposure. Because of this advertisers are constantly looking for under utilized space on which they can present their message. One area that is becoming an even more popular place to advertise is on table tops. Table tops can be found everywhere in a number of different establishments and present an excellent place to extend your brand into your physical space even further.

At Wrap Solutions we specialize in installing adhesive vinyl graphics to a number of different surfaces. Table tops are one of our favorite surfaces to work with due to their size and immediate impact on the look and feel of an establishment. We can print anything on our wraps so the possibilities for what your wrap will say about your business are endless. You can emphasize your most compelling products with a gigantic image or display an invite to an upcoming event. Many businesses like to continually change their table top advertising to promote the most recent specials available.

Getting graphics installed on your establishment’s table tops is an incredibly easy process. Wrap Solutions can print out all of your graphics in-house so they will be ready for installation as soon as we get to your property. We will make sure all the surfaces are clean and apply the adhesive vinyl graphics to them. Once the graphics are adhered then the tables will be all set and ready for use. Now all your table tops will be branded to match the rest of your marketing material giving your business an even more cohesive brand. When you’re ready for something different just call Wrap Solutions to get the table top graphics removed. Your tables will still be in the same condition as they were when we applied the wraps and ready for a new exciting look.