Ryan Donato got a custom look at Wrap Solutions

Ryan Donato #17 of the Boston Bruins recently kicked off his summer in style by visiting Wrap Solutions in Woburn to get a new Vehicle Wrap on his brand new BMW! Ryan Donato chose a beautiful and sleek matte black wrap for his brand new car (the color almost resembles a hockey puck so it’s fitting!) – while he was there he also taught the children how to play hockey like a professional and gave them some tips and tricks on how he does it! The team got to spend time with Ryan Donato and spend time with him in his natural element – the hockey rink!

Donato has had a successful career in hockey so far, the player is following in his dad’s footsteps as his dad Ted Donato was also a Boston Bruin! Ryan started his career at The Dexter School, and then went on to play for Harvard for three consecutive years where he really learned how to utilize his skill set. Donato also played locally for the South Shore Kings and later went on to play for the Omaha Lancers. Since Donato is a local and has played for local teams, his presence at Wrap Solutions is even more special bringing a local feel with some famous flare. Ryan Donato has also performed in the 2016 World Junior Olympics where he won a Bronze medal. The Junior Olympics took place in Finland and it’s where Ryan made his international debut representing the United States!

custom matte car wraps

Wrap Solutions is very thankful to have such a young and successful player visit and teach the tips and tricks of what it takes to be a professional hockey player as well as have the honor to wrap his brand new BMW. Wrap Solutions treats every single one of their customers like a star athlete. The level of customer service that Wrap Solutions brings to their clients is above and beyond. Everyone that walks through the door gets the same treatment that Ryan Donato and the rest of the Bruins receive while getting their Custom Car Wraps done at Wrap Solutions.

Wrap Solutions is dedicated to Boston sports as well as the highest level of care. Keith and his team have worked very hard to produce the level of work that they produce that they are now being recognized by the Boston Bruins and have wrapped a few of the team member’s vehicles! Keith and his team were fortunate enough to get the chance to wrap Donato’s BMW this week and even had him sign their personal hockey rink! Ryan Donato has left his personal touch on Wrap Solutions Staff and office as Wrap Solutions has left their personal and outstanding touch on Ryan Donato’s brand new BMW!

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