When customizing your fleet vehicles with car wraps, there are a few things you will need to consider first to ensure your custom look can effectively promote your business. These can include the type of wrap you want, which color you want on your wrap, and what images/information you would like displayed.

We’ve set up a guide so that you can set foot in the right direction with your car wrap and ensure you get the custom vehicle wrap that lets your brand shine.

Car Wrap Type

You should be aware of two forms of car wrap before you go ahead with the procedure: a full car wrap and a partial wrap.

A full car wrap is aimed at covering the entire vehicle for a loud and bold effect. This is a great option for business owners looking to get an advertising car wrap for their fleet vehicles, as it is sure to turn the head of the passerby. Full car wraps are also fully customizable with any images and text you desire, making them an ideal choice for anyone in search of a local advertising option that stands out.

Partial car wraps only cover some parts of the vehicle. The aspects a partial car wrap will cover depends on the customer’s desires and can range from the roof, rear, sides, or bonnet. This option is often quicker to get installed than a full car wrap. Even a simple car wrap on the side of your vehicle can be enough to get you noticed and convey the message or brand you want.

Car Wrap Design

Once you’ve decided whether you are going to go for a full or partial car wrap, you should now give some consideration to the style of it. This includes whether you want text or images on your car wrap and the color.

Text is a very effective way to convey a message to a passerby, while images are a great attention hook. Therefore, it’s always wise to include both if you are a brand trying to entice a potential customer unless you are already a highly established brand with a recognizable image.

Another factor to consider is whether you want to go for a solid color or highlights for your car wrap. Solid color car wraps are an excellent option for anyone looking to completely change the look of their vehicle, whereas highlights are good for business owners who plan to add to their car wrap or simply want to draw attention to a message or logo.

Once you’ve considered the type of car wrap you want and the design, you will be well on your way to getting your custom fleet vehicle wraps installed. Making sure you have a clear vision of the message you’d like people to take away from fleet vehicle advertising is important. Consider text images and color, as well as where the wrap will be placed on your car. That way, you can ensure you will get a new vehicle wrap design that you will be happy with.