Now, more than ever, it is popular to get custom graphics installed to separate a company car from the competition. Custom graphics provide an invaluable marketing tool as well as increased trust in your brand. The message of your vehicle graphic will be seen all over the road, and you just need to go about your daily business as you always have. When searching for the most effective way to customize the exterior of a company vehicle, however, many business owners reach a critical decision; Should we get our customizations done with vehicle wraps or paint?

Boston Vehicle Wraps

Wrapping your vehicle is the smarter option for a number of reasons.

Cost: Getting your vehicle professionally wrapped will generally cost $500 – $3,000, depending on the size of the graphic. A wrap typically last between 5-8 years. A high-quality paint job can cost as much as $10,000.

Vehicle Value: Maintaining the vehicles original paint will keep the resale value higher than if it is repainted an exotic color. Wraps allow for the option to keep the original color underneath the new look.

Options: There are countless options available for a vehicle wrap. You can get anything from life-sized photos to text printed out so big that no one will miss it. Options with painting the vehicle will be limited to what your chosen painter offers and extra details often raise the price considerably.

Installation Time: Most of the time vehicle wraps take less than two days to install. Having a vehicle painted can take up to two weeks.

Maintenance: Keeping a vehicle wrap looking new is as easy as hand-washing with soap and water. No need to get your vehicle waxed regularly to keep the fantastic shine.

Easy Removal: A vehicle wrap can be taken off at anytime and will not damage the exterior of your vehicle.

Maximizing the value of your vehicle wrap is dependent on how well you take care of it. Keep your vehicle out of the sun while parked in one location for a long time to keep your wrap from appearing worn or faded.

If you are able to keep your freshly installed vehicle wrap looking new for half of the expected lifespan of a wrap you will easily get a return on your investment. A wrap also has the ability to be removed and replaced with an updated message or branding initiative. When it comes to maximizing value, vehicle wraps are an obvious choice.