Custom vehicle graphics for all types of vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Businesses are finding that branding their company fleet vehicle with custom graphics is a great way to promote the services that they offer. There is a captive audience behind the wheel that advertisers all over are starting to take advantage of. It has been proven that branded advertisements seen on the road are retained at a far greater rate than traditional methods of advertising. Advertising with custom vehicle graphics is also much less expensive and offers you much more control of how your ad appears than other forms of advertising.

car wrap custom vehicle graphics

The best way to get custom fleet vehicle graphics is with car wraps. Car wraps are graphics that are printed on a vinyl material that will then be adhered to your car. Recent advancements in vehicle wrapping technology have made them look better than ever. At Wrap Solutions the vinyl material will be applied to the surface of your vehicle with care so the wrap will appear to be the exterior of your car. A newly installed car wrap will generally last between 4 and 5 years before it needs to be removed. The surface of your vehicle will stay in the same condition it was in when the wrap was installed.

One reason car wraps have gained so much popularity is the number of options for how they can look. We can print anything onto the vinyl material with our large-format printers at Rapid Braces so your options are literally endless. Many of our customers choose to get an image of their product or service printed at an enormous size along with some basic info about their business. The big image will serve to attract the attention of potential customers and the info will tell them what they need to know to learn more. A branded company vehicle can generate thousands of daily impressions and get people talking about your business.

At Wrap Solutions we have everything you need to brand a Boston company vehicle. Many of out customers enjoy designing the look of their custom vehicle graphics themselves but a professional design team is on hand to help make sure the wrap will look as intended. After you have decided on a design our expert staff can create a high-quality print and begin installation. Wrap Solutions’ Boston vehicle wrap installation process can normally be completed in less than one day so you’ll be back out on the road promoting your business fast.