Custom vehicle wraps are a perfect way to make your fleet look great while advertising your business. The ability to have your logo, contact info, or featured products and services seen by everyone you pass is invaluable.

Unlike other forms of advertising this is a one time cost. Once we install your vinyl vehicle graphics you own them. This truly is an investment that can pay for itself in a very short time. Much like any other investment, this one requires a certain level of care. You’re going to have to take care of your wrapped vehicles a little bit differently than a non wrapped vehicle if you want to keep them looking their best.

Store your wrapped vehicles inside

It is best if you can store your wrapped vehicles under cover. A garage or car port is best, but a pop-up garage or even a nylon car cover will work as well. Keeping your vinyl vehicle wraps out of the sun as much as possible is the key. Over time the sun will begin to fade the wrap much like it would a standard paint job. The trunk, hood and roof are especially vulnerable to fading from the sun. Another great advantage of parking inside is that there will be far less of a chance of tree sap or bird droppings getting on the vehicle wrap. These can leave behind hard to remove stains.

How to wash your wrapped vehicles

We recommend that you use a big automotive sponge or soft washcloth to clean your fleet vehicle wraps. It is best to wash vehicle wraps by hand so that you don’t damage them. Car washes tend to be rough on cars and the last thing you’d want to do is ruin your new truck wraps. It’s also tough to be sure of the types of chemicals the car wash is using. We recommend that you use 3M Car Wash Soaps, this will ensure that there will be no chemical damage to your wrap. There are a few types of clearers that you should avoid. It is not recommended that you use an oil based cleaners. The oil and grease in oil based cleaners will prematurely age the vinyl. You don’t want to use household cleaners either. Just like grease and oil these harsh chemicals will prematurely age your vinyl wrap and can leave behind stains. To be on the safe side we always recommend sticking with 3M products. You will be sure that you won’t accidentally damage your wrap.

Hard to remove stains and spots

If you encounter a difficult to remove stain like tree sap, bird droppings, or insects it is important that you try to treat it as quickly as possible. The first thing you should do is soak the affected area with hot soapy water for a few minutes. This will help to loosen up the stain and give you a much better chance of successfully removing it. After you have soaked the area for a while you can take a microbrush and gently scrub the spot. If this doesn’t work you can try a 50/50 mix of stain remover and water and then go back to the microbrush and try to get the last of it off. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Wrap Solutions.

Getting a custom vehicle wrap for your fleet vehicles in Boston is a great way to make sure your brand stands out from the competition. Seeing your branded vehicle wraps driving around town will help potential customers connect your service to your location and keep you at the top of their mind. Contact us today to learn more about how Wrap Solutions can transform your fleet vehicles with custom truck wraps.