To generate a buzz around their products or services, businesses all over are using exterior vehicle customization to get the word out. By placing a brand message on a company car, business owners are able to generate thousands of daily impressions for their brand by just driving around town. With your message on a vehicle potential customers can’t help but to take notice and be interested in trying your brand out.

vinyl graphics exterior vehicle customization

There are a number of different ways to get exterior vehicle customization of a company fleet vehicle but there is one method that stands out as being the easiest to apply and most cost-effective. At Wrap Solutions we recommend business owners use car wraps to brand fleet vehicles due to the quick installation, infinite number of options for appearance and flexibility to remove the wrap whenever. Using paint to customize a vehicle presents a number of problems that using a car wrap does not. A paint job can be much more expensive and time-consuming to complete or a little bit cheaper but requires it to be redone every few years.

Utilizing vehicle wraps for your company fleet exterior vehicle customization is a no-brainer. Anything can be printed on a vehicle wrap so your options for content included on your wrap are virtually limitless. We advise customers to focus on bringing a few basic elements together to get your brand’s message across. A logo, list of products or services and contact info is a good place to start. When designing a vehicle wrap it is important to remember that many potential customers will only see the advertisement for a few seconds so it needs to be able to get its point across quickly.

Once you have decided on a design Wrap Solutions can print it out for you in-house. We have state-of-the-art large format printers so all out clients designs can look great. Installing the wrap won’t take more than two days. Painting a car can keep a vehicle out of commission for up to 2 weeks. Now that your company vehicle is wrapped you can begin generating more impressions for your brand than you can believe. A wrap normally lasts 5 – 7 years but can be removed at anytime without damaging the paint underneath. Generate a buzz around your brand with the very best in exterior vehicle customization.