boston vehicle wrap advertising

Advancements in large-format printing have allowed you to make your entire company vehicles moving billboards that generate impressions fast. Covering an entire car with your brand’s message is a great way to get attention for your business. Many companies are learning that fleet vehicle custom car graphics are the best way to reach as many customers as possible. Potential customers retain information that they see on the road at a much higher rate than traditional forms of advertising. Car wrap advertising is also significantly less expensive compared to other forms of advertising.

Using vehicle wrap advertising on fleet vehicles can generate up to 50,000 daily impressions for your business. Any type of business can take advantage of advertising with car wraps. Wrap Solutions has a professional design team in-house to polish up our customers’ ad designs so they will have the most impact. Our vehicle wraps can be fitted for any type of vehicle. Our expert team has experience installing custom adhesive vinyl graphics on cars, trucks, trailers, boats, snowmobiles, and segways to help our customers grow their brand.

After you get custom vehicle advertising installed on your fleet vehicles you will see that they have been transformed into a moving billboard. You will be able to generate ad impressions by just going about your daily business. Unlike tv and radio advertisements, a wrapped vehicle will always be promoting your business. Wrap Solutions recommends actively seeking out parking spots in highly visible locations to get even more attention for your brand. Business owners all over New England are discovering the value of using car wraps to promote their brand with Wrap Solutions.

Another benefit of using vehicle wrap advertising to grow a brand is that it can be easily replaced at anytime. If your business has a new product or offer that you would like to promote a wrap can be replaced quickly. The surface of your vehicles will stay in the same condition that they were in before the wrap was applied. Simply bring the vehicles you want to get wrapped to Wrap Solutions and we can get the new ad design installed fast. A custom vehicle wrap installed at Wrap Solutions generally lasts between 3 and 5 years with the proper vehicle wrap care.