Truck Wraps


Add Custom Graphics to Your Truck

truck wrap advertising

Wrap Solutions creates and installs custom vinyl truck wraps on all sizes of vehicle. Each wrap is custom made to fit your vehicle’s dimensions. Almost anything from images to text and colors can be printed on a vinyl truck wrap so you can get the look you want. Customizing a company truck is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting a brand. A mobile ad on a truck can generate thousands of ad impressions per day while you drive around town.

Truck wraps are easy to put on and can be removed at any time. The wrap is applied directly on top of the paint of the truck and serves as protection while it is on. We can print vinyl wraps at any size so you can cover your entire truck or just part of it. Our team has experience customizing trailers, delivery trucks, food trucks, buses and many other types of vehicles.


Custom Graphics for Fleet Vehicles

Customizing a fleet of delivery trucks with a company brand is a great way to get your name in front of customers that matter. Studies have shown that consumers retain information seen while on the road at a much higher rate than traditional advertising methods. A recognizable company vehicle can connect your business with its physical location and get thousands of ad impressions daily.

At Wrap Solutions we specialize in creating custom branding solutions for all types of businesses. Our team has experience designing and installing vinyl truck wraps on all sizes of trucks. A branded vehicle can be used to kickstart a campaign to build brand awareness, sales growth or generate leads. We do our best to offer helpful suggestions during the design process. Vehicle wraps can be a powerful advertising tool used to help your brand get noticed.