No form of advertising works faster than vehicle advertising. Promotions placed on company vehicles will spread a message quickly and generate a buzz around a brand. Business owners all over have been quick to catch on due to the unmatched effectiveness of mobile promotion. Vehicle advertising has the capability to reach more consumers at a significantly lower cost.

Installing a vinyl graphic on your car with your company name and contact info can generate over 50,000 daily impressions for your company’s brand. 95% of Americans are on the road and can be reached by mobile ads. Having your company name and logo on the side of one of your fleet vehicles will help boost brand recognition considerably. Utilizing car wrap advertising will help connect your business to its location as well. Seeing your logo around town will be a great reminder of your services and before long your brand will become synonymous with the area it is based in.

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When deciding what information you would like included in a car wrap we tell our customers that the sky is the limit. With the latest technologies anything can be printed on the vinyl wrap and adhered to the side of a vehicle. Most customers go for a basic design that includes their company’s brand, contact info and a call to action prominently displayed to get their services on customers’ minds. More exciting options can be explored as well which can lead to effective car wrap advertising that has everybody talking. At Wrap Solutions we recommend keeping the information displayed on the wrap clear and concise. A wrap with too much on it can be difficult to process for customers on the road and quickly forgotten.

After getting car wrap advertising installed on a company vehicle you can sit back and watch as your able to generate thousands of daily impressions. Advertising with vehicle wraps costs about $.75 per one thousand impressions. Compare that to the $8.50 you’d have to pay for a 60-second radio ad that many individuals will change the station to avoid hearing and you can see why car wrap advertising is becoming so popular. Studies have shown that consumers are likely to base a buying decision on an ad they see outdoors. Wrap Solutions can get your company’s fleet vehicles generating thousands of daily impressions today.