A fleet of security vehicles is often an essential component of day-to-day operations of corporations and institutions. Security is expected to handle unforeseen problems that arise in a timely manner while also serving as a beacon of what the organization stands for. It is important that individuals who are a part of the force distinguish themselves from the crowd in a way that makes their position easily identifiable. For this reason, installing reflective vehicle graphics on all fleet vehicles is one of the best steps you can take to ensure your security force gets the job done.

reflective vehicle graphics

Installing reflective vehicle graphics on your fleet of security vehicles can go a long way to making them stand out. Anything can be printed on the graphics to give your vehicles a unique identity. Using the reflective 3m material will make sure that they are noticed at all times of day. The reflective graphics will also help assert your security force’s authority and serve as a reassuring presence to customers.

When deciding how you would like your reflective vehicle graphics to look, the best thing to aim for is simplicity. The purpose of the vehicle should be clearly stated without any unneeded information that could potentially get in the way. Bright colors such as yellow, red or orange are the best suited for these designs because of their ability to capture other drivers attention quickly. The best security reflective graphic designs leave no doubt as to what the vehicle’s use is.

Employees who use a vehicle that has been branded with their organization’s message appear more trustworthy because they will always be seen as an ambassador of your brand. Studies have shown that employees who drive a branded vehicle act more responsibly and are far less likely to make mistakes while on the job. At Wrap Solutions we can create custom reflective vehicle graphics for any size car. In the past we have installed reflective graphics on security patrol cars, tow trucks, construction vehicles and emergency response vehicles.