One of the most common questions we hear at Wrap Solutions is how installing a vehicle wrap will affect the existing paint job on the car. Customers are rightfully concerned about their vehicle. They want to make sure wrapping it up with a vibrant new color or awesome graphic won’t lead to any problems down the road.

protect your car

The good news is that a car wrap will not damage the existing paint on a vehicle when applied. The even better news is that vehicle wraps will actually temporarily protect the paint job on your car. A car wrap can serve as a layer of protection, keeping the paint that is present underneath untouched and looking great. Wraps that are printed on a thicker material will also protect your car better than thinner wraps.

To ensure that your car will be in the best shape when the car wrap is removed we start by thoroughly cleaning the surface of the vehicle. The cleaning serves to prevent any dirt or grime from getting stuck under the wrap and will allow the wrap to be installed smoothly. Next the vinyl car wrap is applied to the outer surface of the car, creating a layer in between your vehicle and the outside world.

When you are ready for something new getting your wrap removed is easy. The removal process is quick and your car will look just as it did when the wrap was first installed. The adhesive will not remove any factory paint. There will also be significantly less chips and scratches than there would have been otherwise.