Navigating all the advertising options that are available for small business today in the Boston area can get overwhelming. There are a variety of choices that all claim to be able to target the customers you’re most interested in but how the targeting actually gets you results is often confusing. Finding the right ad audience is complicated but many business owners have worked hard to grow in their local community and advertising to people nearby often makes sense. A custom car wrap designed to promote you business to the people in your community who are most likely to visit your location and make a purchase is a great way to boost your advertising and bring more business to your door.

Here are some tips for designing a custom Boston Car Wrap that will help your business stand out:

Emphasize the Most Important Information

Prioritizing the info that’s displayed on your company vehicle wrap so the people can easily find the most important information quickly is essential. Your company name and contact info should be easy to see from a distance so you can maximize the impact of your car wrap advertising. Any secondary information such as your office address and service descriptions can be added to the wrap in a way that doesn’t fight for attention from the key items.

Print an Exciting Image for Car Wrap

You’ve probably heard that an image says 1,000 words but it can also be a great way to get people to notice the car wrap ad for your business. Wrap Solutions can print images at a larger than life size for custom wraps so you can be sure your fleet vehicles will get noticed around town. Using something that highlights the services your business offers and matches your brand colors is a great way to make a vehicle wrap really shine.

Make Sure Info can be Easily Read

Displaying too much info on your vehicle wrap advertisement is one of the most common ways we see car wrap designs go awry. Potential customers are likely to turn away if they feel that there’s too much information to digest. Designing your custom Boston vehicle wrap so the most important information can be easily found in less than 5 seconds is the best way to make sure your wrapped vehicle is doing the most it can to promote your business.

Branding Boston fleet vehicles with custom car wraps is becoming more and more popular as people start to realize how effectively a mobile advertisement can promote any type of business. Contact Wrap Solutions today to learn more about how you can customize your entire fleet of vehicles with custom car wraps.