So you’ve finally decided to have a fleet vehicle wrap with a custom vehicle wrap design. Of course, you already know all the benefits, such as free marketing and the eyes of which it captures attention. 

At the same time, you know it helps to protect your vehicles with that added layer of vinyl or similar composite. And at the end of the day, it helps build up your brand presence, makes customers feel safe when they easily recognize your brand and adds that level of professionalism. So let’s review some of the more popular options heading into 2023. 

Carbon Fiber Fleet Vehicle Wrap 

Typically you would use vinyl for your truck wrap installation or other vehicle types. Yet some are opting for a more durable set of car armor that’s known as carbon fiber. This is extremely durable and will keep your vehicles in that matte black to a matte gray color with that unique texture. It can be quite pricey but will help protect your vehicles. 

Advertising or Commercial Fleet Vehicle Wrap

Here is the more traditional one that covers your fleet with the custom vehicle wrap design and installs it in pieces. The fleet vehicle wrap is made of standard vinyl, which still offers a good level of protection, with the added benefit of getting as custom as you want with design, coloring, logos, and placement. 

With this type of wrap, you can also go with a partial wrap option as opposed to a full wrap. You may choose this to reduce your initial truck wrap installation costs or because your vehicles are already noticeable. You only need that small extra amount of added flair via a partial wrap to be included. This type of custom vehicle wrap design lets you play around, whether you want the front or back half covered, one side of the doors, or just the hood of the car, however, you believe it’s best suited. 

Non-Standard fleet vehicle wrap

You can also choose a chrome wrap if you’re not looking for extensive protection or complete advertising on your fleet vehicle wrap. First, it helps to keep the insides of the car or truck cooler as the chrome deflects the sunlight that’s shining on it. Then you have the added benefit that on every sunny day, if your car is visible to someone, they will definitely notice it. It does tend to be a heavier wrap, but it will be easier to install than the carbon fiber option. 

In the end

Whatever route you go, make sure you have a plan of action for what you’re looking for. For example, if you have an entire fleet that needs a custom vehicle wrap design, you may consider the more standard commercial vehicle wrap. Otherwise, any of the other options will work well as long as you know what the expected outcome should be. Ultimately, it’s all about how many eyes are looking at your fleet vehicle.