Boat owners love to put their mark on their vessels as a way to give them a personal flair. Traditionally this has been done by painting the name of your boat in a type that matches your style and let everyone try to guess its significance. Today, however, more elaborate custom graphics can be printed on adhesive vinyl sheets and installed on a boat. This is a great way to get custom boat graphics and lettering that will separate your boat from the pack. Anything can be printed on a vinyl boat wrap at Wrap Solutions so the options for how your boat can look are endless.

ma boat wrap service

Wrap Solutions is the place to go for Massachusetts custom boat graphics and lettering. With our help, any boat decal or graphic can be made a reality. We have an in-house team of designers who know how to create boat wraps that look great. Boat names and registration numbers are the most popular graphics we print but wrapping your entire boat with a custom graphic is an option as well. Covering your entire vessel with a custom graphic is a great way to stand out and provides a layer of protection that will help the boat retain its value.

We understand that our customers’ boats are very important to them and strive to create custom graphics that look great. Our vinyl boat graphics and lettering normally last between 2 and 4 years before they will lose some of their shine. Custom designed boat lettering will give your boat character and leave family members excited to come back for more. Create your own custom design or let our design team come up with something special.

Call Wrap Solutions to learn more about getting a custom vinyl graphic for your boat. Winter is the most common time for us to install new graphics on boats but a wrap can be applied at anytime. A full wrap regularly takes between 1 and 2 days to complete installation. Custom vinyl boat lettering installation is often done in less than 1 day. Our team knows how important it is for a boat to stand out from the crowd. Get a custom vinyl boat wrap at Wrap Solutions today.