Over the past few years vehicle wraps have become increasingly popular. Businesses use car wraps to promote themselves in a cost-effective manner that generates thousands of daily impressions. Individuals have realized that the level of customization available when using vehicle wraps is second to none and started taking advantage as well. With a vehicle wrap someone can easily give their car a whole new look to express their individuality. Here we will break down the latest vehicle wrap trends for getting a personal vehicle customized with a vinyl wrap.

vehicle wrap trends

The most common type of wrap people will get installed on a personal vehicle is a “paint replacement wrap”. With these wraps you can change the color of your vehicle completely. The wrap will cover up the factory color of the car and replace it with a new color of your choice. A number of classy options are available including matte black, green, blue and pink. A wrap covering your entire car looks great and helps preserve the resale value of the car, the vinyl wrap acting as protection for the paint underneath.

The growing popularity of wraps has allowed wraps that go further than just a solid color to become available as well. Textured laminating films have won over a lot of fans in the graphics world and make an even more unique car a real possibility. The laminating films allow anyone to add a texture to their car so they can really turn heads. Textures such as carbon fiber, wood grain and brushed metal are available so you can get an even more personalized look.

The last car wrap trend we’ve noticed over the past few months is the increased use of wraps with images printed on them for personal vehicles. Any image can be printed on a wrap and displayed on your vehicle. Local team logos, favorite animals and cartoon characters are requested frequently when discussing a potential personal car wrap. The options are literally endless, the only thing holding you back is your imagination. The car of your dreams is closer than you think, call Wrap Solutions to learn more about the vehicle wrapping process today.