limited time promotion car wrap

Car wraps have become the most popular way to customize the exterior of any type of vehicle. Applying custom vinyl graphics to your car or truck gives you the ability to choose exactly how you would like it to look. More and more businesses are using car wraps as an efficient form of advertising that gives their business maximum exposure. Individuals can get their vehicle customized to make sure they stand out from the crowd too. 2016 is proving to be the year of the customized vehicle, the following are the latest trends that we see in vehicle wrapping at Wrap Solutions.

Custom Vehicle Wraps for Limited-Time Promotions

Using a custom vehicle wrap to promote your business is a popular way to get efficient advertising. A wrapped vehicle can get thousands of daily impressions for a one-time installation cost. A vehicle wrap generally lasts between 3 and 5 years with the proper care but will stay looking the same the entire time. Recently however, we have wrapped a number of vehicles with custom vehicle wraps that have a much shorter window of meaningful exposure because they are advertising a promotion that is only available for a limited-time.

Full Vehicle Wraps

The custom vinyl wraps installed at Wrap Solutions have gotten bigger and bigger at Wrap Solutions over the years. More full vehicle wraps that completely transform a vehicle’s look are being installed in 2016 than ever before. A full vehicle wrap gives you more space to promote your business and give your fleet vehicles an awesome way to stand out. Matte finishes and textured wraps are a popular choice for many who are choosing a full vehicle wrap.

Personal Car Wraps

Most of the vehicles we wrap at Wrap Solutions are done to promote a business. That doesn’t mean that personal car wraps aren’t growing in popularity too. Individuals all over are using car wraps as a way to give their vehicle an awesome custom look. Popular choices for personal car wrap designs include customizing your car with a nickname, your favorite team’s logo or a favorite brand.

We understand that designing the perfect look for a company fleet vehicle or personal car is a process at Wrap Solutions. We are happy to help out at any step of the way and provide advice if you have any questions. Call Wrap Solutions today to get an started creating an awesome custom look for your vehicle today.