You just got a new vehicle wrap installed on a company vehicle and are attracting all the attention you could possibly ask for. The giant graphic advertising your business is the perfect way to spread the word about your services. Multiple individuals passing by have stopped to comment about your vehicle’s glossy new look.

The only problem is:

How do you keep the new wrap you invested in looking so good?

New Vehicle Wrap

The first step is to keep the vehicle clean. Getting grime, dust or dirt off of the surface of your vehicle on a regular basis is important. Taking it to a car wash can often damage your wrap with abrasive brushes and strong jet sprays. It is best to hand wash your vehicle with soaps that are chemical-free and alcohol-free. Hand washing will take some extra time but is sure to be worth it.

Keeping the glossy appearance of a new wrap takes some extra effort as well. In order to stand out, a wrapped vehicle needs to be waxed and polished regularly. The vinyl can be easily damaged by harmful polishing solutions so be sure to ask for advice before you purchase some for your vehicle.

To keep the colors of your wrap as vibrant as the first day after installation it is important to keep your vehicle out of the sun for long periods of time. Sun exposure will only quicken the deterioration of your wrap. It’s best if you have a garage to park the vehicle in when it is not in use, but covering it with a thick cloth to block the suns rays is just as effective.

If you are able to follow the three different steps listed above you will be able to keep your wrap looking new for up to 5 years. Taking a little extra time to make sure you’ve covered all the bases and you will be attracting potential customers everywhere you go.