vehicle wrap care

Getting a slick new vehicle wrap installed on your company’s fleet vehicles is a great way to get your brand’s message in front of potential customers. Having your logo, contact info and featured products or services adhered to a vehicle will generate thousands of daily impressions and get people talking about your business. To keep your wrap looking as good as new it will be necessary to follow a few steps in order provide the best possible vehicle wrap care. The following are common questions we get about vehicle wrap care in regards to keeping a newly installed wrap looking as good as possible.

How often should my vehicle wrap be washed?

In a perfect world you would be able to wash your wrapped vehicle once every two weeks. Hand washing your vehicles is the best way to go to avoid damaging the wrap. Wrap Solutions recommends using a big automotive sponge or soft wash cloth to get the best results. Using 3M® Car Wash soaps is also recommended to prevent any damage.

How do I get rid of more difficult stains?

Difficult stains, such as insects, tree sap or bird droppings, should be cleaned as quickly as possible to avoid a permanent mark. Soaking the affected area in warm soapy water for a few minutes and then rinsing completely and scrubbing with a microbrush is the best way we have found. Mixing stain removers with one half water is another way to remove more difficult stains from your vehicle wrap.

What types of cleaners shouldn’t be used?

The following type of cleaning products should not be used for vehicle wrap care:

  • oil based cleaners
  • kitchen and bathroom cleaners
  • orange oil
  • solvents

Can I leave my wrapped vehicle parked outdoors?

It is best to park a wrapped vehicle in a garage or under some type of shelter. A wrap that spends excessive time under the sun will fade, particularly on the roof, hood and trunk lid. If you have to park outside it is best to look for shaded spots.

By following these steps you will be able to ensure that your wrapped vehicle stays in top condition for longer. Wrapping any type of vehicle is the best way to get your brand more recognition and more customers fast. Follow these vehicle wrap care tips to keep your wrapped vehicle looking great and attracting more customers to your brand.