custom food truck brand

Food trucks serving all types of food are becoming more and more popular in the Boston area. Diners are choosing to purchase food from food trucks because it’s inexpensive and convenient. With all the options to choose from, it can be difficult for a business to separate itself from the crowd. That’s why many food truck owners are getting their food trucks customized so they’re the center of attention. Food truck wraps are huge vinyl stickers that are adhered to the body of your food truck to give it an awesome new look. Almost anything can be printed on a food truck wrap so the possibilities for how your truck can look are almost endless.

The custom food truck wraps are created with large format printers after a design has been decided on. If you have them, Wrap Solutions’ design team can help create a design based around existing brand graphics and colors. If you don’t, our design team would be happy to help you create a wrap that highlights the food you’re serving.

After printing your wrap on the vinyl material it needs to be laminated and then it is ready for installation. Every food truck is different and it is critical that you have a team that specializes in Food Truck customizations to ensure the job is done right. Wrap Solutions has installed food truck wraps on a number of different types of food trucks and understands that each job requires special considerations depending on the elements present on the truck. With Wrap Solutions’ professional food truck wrap installation service, you can be sure your wrap installation will result in a sleek looking wrap with no bubbles or wrinkles.

After you get your custom food truck wrap installed you will have a unique food truck design that is essential to branding and catching customers’ eyes. Full food truck wraps can be expensive but many business owners will tell you that the exposure your brand will get is worth the price. Potential customers have been proven to remember advertisements that they see on the road and your food truck wrap won’t be any different. Wrap Solutions can also wrap sections of your food truck if a full food truck wrap sounds too expensive.