fleet wrap maintenance

Customized fleet wraps are the perfect way to turn your business’ fleet of vehicles into a marketing tool. Outdoor advertising is a great way to attract attention. The audience of potential customers on the road has proven to be an attentive one. Individuals retain information seen on fleet vehicle advertisements at a much higher rate than traditional forms of advertising. The amount of exposure your business will get with fleet wraps make it the most efficient form of advertising and businesses everywhere are starting to catch on.

Getting your fleet customized with car wraps from Wrap Solutions is an investment on your part. Making sure that your fleet wraps are properly cared for and cleaned will help ensure that they stay looking great. With the proper fleet wrap maintenance you can help ensure that your fleet wraps will promote your business and be worth every penny spent on fleet wrap installation. The following are tips that every owner of a wrapped vehicle can use to keep their fleet wraps in the best possible condition.

Clean your Wrapped Vehicles Regularly

Making sure your fleet wraps are cleaned every few weeks is the best way to keep your custom vehicles looking great. Allowing dirt and grime to build up will lead to the vinyl material of the wrap degrading.

Hand Washing is the Best

Pre-rinsing your fleet vehicles and then hand-washing them will keep your wraps from getting damaged by processes in an automatic car wash that can be damaging to the wrap. A brushless automatic car wash that uses just a spray can work as well.

Keep Covered as Often as Possible

UV rays from the sun are often the biggest reason that fleet wraps don’t last as long as they can. Making sure that you store your vehicles in an area that is under cover to protect it from the sun and rain is a great way to keep it in great condition.

Wrap Solutions is happy to offer any of our customers who have had fleet wraps installed advice on how to keep their wraps looking great. We have experience installing fleet wraps on all types of vehicles and know that some vehicles are more challenging to keep clean than others. Call Wrap Solutions today to find out more about getting your fleet customized with fleet wraps today.