Fleet graphics have become one of the best ways to promote any type of business. Recent technologies allow for anything to be printed on an adhesive vinyl graphic. The graphic can than be installed on any type of vehicle where it will be seen by thousands of people per day. Wrap Solutions offers full and partial vehicle wraps so businesses can choose exactly how they want to customize their fleet. An expertly designed fleet wrap will promote your brand while on the road, parked at your location, and most importantly, when you are on the job.

fleet wrap advertising

Having your fleet customized with fleet wraps will lend credibility to the services that you offer. Employees will act with a greater sense of responsibility when operating a branded fleet vehicle. Driving around your business location will help connect your business to that location. Potential customers have been proven to remember ads that they see on fleet vehicles and that those brands are trustworthy.

The cost of advertising with fleet wraps is a fraction of what businesses are charged for traditional forms of advertising. A fleet wrap can be customized with the exact information that you want to display and regularly lasts between 3 and 4 years. Companies that wrap their fleets will generate thousands of daily impressions for their brand while targeting all types of customers.

The process of installing fleet graphics begins with the design of the wrap. A graphic design team is on-hand at Wrap Solutions to assist customers with the design of their fleet wrap. Our designers understand which components of a wrap should be emphasized and common mistakes to avoid. After a fleet wrap design is agreed on Wrap Solutions will print your custom graphic on the adhesive vinyl material with our large format printers. We will then make sure your vehicles are ready and install the fleet wraps. The wrap installation process normally takes between 1 and 2 days.