Fleet vehicle advertising is a perfect medium to advertise with if you own a business and have any number of fleet vehicles for your daily operations. The empty space on the outside of a vehicle is an excellent advertising opportunity that more and more businesses are beginning to utilize. Research has proven that car wrap advertising is the most efficient form of advertising. Advertising with customized vehicle graphics will easily pay for itself within the first month of the installation.

fleet wrap advertising

The biggest draw to fleet vehicle advertising is the wrapped graphic’s visibility. By having your employees go about their day-to-day business in a fleet vehicle with a branded car wrap you will generate thousands of daily impressions. Potential customers will remember branded fleet graphics as well. An overwhelming majority of individuals surveyed said they developed a first impression of a brand through mobile advertisements on fleet vehicles. Compared to TV and Radio advertising, the retention of information seen on a vehicle wrap makes them a no-brainer.

Another big benefit of advertising your brand with fleet vehicle graphics is the ability to customize the message that is being displayed. The large format printers we use at Wrap Solutions can get almost any image printed larger than life on the vinyl wrapping material so your ad can say almost anything. Many customers have loved getting a photo of a product or service that they offer along with a bit of informational text printed on a vehicle wrap to draw potential customers’ eyes and give them the info to find out more. The professional design team at Wrap Solutions would be happy to help you create a wrap that viewers won’t be able to forget.

It’s surprising more fleet vehicles aren’t wrapped with all the benefits of promoting your company with fleet graphics. A wrap normally lasts between 3-5 years, during which you will be generating impressions for your brand everywhere you go. If you have a new special to promote or the wrap is looking worn it is easy to remove the wrap and replace it with a more updated message for your brand. After removing a vehicle wrap the exterior of your vehicle will be in the same condition that it was in when the wrap was installed. Give us a call to get started wrapping your fleet vehicles today.