custom vinyl fleet wraps

Wrap Solutions has been designing and installing fleet wraps for a number of years and understands the importance of color management. Today it is possible to ensure that all colors printed on a company’s custom fleet wraps will match the colors of a brand. Making sure that your colors appear the same everywhere is critical to achieving maximum brand recognition. Wrap Solutions has the technology in place to ensure your fleet wraps colors will match the rest of your brand in order to promote your business as efficiently as possible.

Fleet wraps are becoming such a popular advertising method because of their relatively low cost and high ROI. Getting your fleet customized with vinyl graphics is a one time cost that can then be used to promote your brand for 2-3 years. This is much longer than a typical tv or radio ad runs and will give you significantly more impressions. Individuals on the road have proven to be captive audiences and retain the information they see on other vehicles on the road at a much higher rate than traditional forms of advertising.

Another benefit of customizing fleet vehicles with vinyl wraps is that they can be designed to look however you’d like. Other forms of advertising typically put you up against restrictions but not custom fleet wraps from Wrap Solutions. Our large-format printers can print at massive sizes so any type of vehicle can be wrapped. We have a number of fleet wrap templates available that can be customized to fit your business’ needs. Our design team is also happy to advise you on any design decisions that need to be made throughout the process as well.

Getting your fleet customized at Wrap Solutions will give you the best looking fleet vehicles in the area. Our team enjoys getting to know each client during the design and installation process so we can deliver the best possible final results. Fleet wrap installation normally takes between 2 – 4 days depending on the size of the fleet and area that the custom vinyl wraps are covering. Call us today to get started creating an awesome new look for your company’s fleet vehicles.