Custom Food Truck Design

Custom Design Your Food Truck

If you’re starting a food truck business then your first step is to get your brand printed all over your mobile kitchen. The first impression your potential clients have about your business is what your food truck wrap looks like. Making you stand out from the pack is a priority for us, we are experts in designing and implementing custom Commercial Truck Wraps. With wrap solutions’ vinyl design, your food truck will emerge from your competition as the attraction of the masses. Food trucks depend on their workplace being their advertising device and wrap solutions depend on hard-working chefs like you to show off our your choice wraps that we expertly apply to your food truck.

Food Truck Vinyl Design Benefits

Why decide to get your food truck wrapped wrap solutions? Your branding will be seen from blocks away with your massive logo catching the eye of all potential hungry customers. Your advertising will never be an issue for you when you’re driving around a mobile billboard. Our vinyl last up to 10 years on your truck, and all for a fraction of the cost of renting a real billboard for a month! It’s a no-brainer, you’ll put your menu right up on your custom food truck wrap for people to easily read. I mean you need a menu board anyway, right?

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Working With Expert Designers

At wrap solutions, our expert team of designers will help get your vision onto your truck and create a custom food truck wrap that matches your brand. We have created many designs for people with similar aspirations, and we never fail to impress. Check some of them out! Our team strategically uses your brand the best possible way to catch customers’ eyes. Your colors will help you stand out from others while complimenting your logo perfectly. Your options are endless!

Quality Wraps

If you want the highest quality vinyl wrap on the market and the most experienced team of installers in the market for your food truck wrap, then wrap solutions is your answer. Our top quality vinyl doesn’t peel, crack or warp because we use Avery and 3M vinyl. Our installation team will take the time to get the vinyl applied perfectly, without a single bubble or wrinkle anywhere your food truck. We are highly renowned as one of the best in the industry. There is a reason that the Greater Boston area is flooded with vehicles flaunting our vinyl around the streets.