When your company vehicles are out on the road they could be doing more work for you than just getting your employees and their equipment from point A to point B. Custom vinyl wraps can transform your fleet into a series of driving billboards designed to get you business and build brand recognition. Using a custom fleet wrap to promote the services your business offers is one of the best ways to reach the people in your neighborhood who are most likely to become customers. A branded car wrap has the ability to get thousands of daily impressions as employees drive around town on company business. 

One of the best things about advertising on your own fleet is that it’s a one-time cost. You own your custom vehicle wraps after installation. This cost-effective approach will mean that in just a short amount of time, your custom vehicle wraps will bring enough business to pay for themselves! Making sure you maintain all fleet vehicle wraps and get minor damage repaired before it becomes a bigger problem is essential but the superior quality of our vinyl wraps will keep your car looking good for years. Truck wraps are also easy to replace with a new updated look if needed. 

Promoting your business’ brand is one of the best ways to build confidence in your company. If potential customers are seeing your business name, they will be sure that you work within that particular area and more likely to become customers. Your potential customers will have greater confidence in your brand after seeing your brand doing business in the area. Local suppliers are typically far more responsive than larger national brands and customers will be able to connect your company to the area you service if they regularly see branded fleet vehicles. Once you’ve captured a potential customer’s attention, they are far more likely to call for services or visit your website. Increasing exposure with a custom fleet wrap will encourage brand loyalty, leading to more references. 

With your fleet wrapped in durable vinyl, you won’t have to worry so much about fading, chipping, or scratches in your vehicle’s paint. Custom vinyl fleet wraps will help protect the paint on your vehicles and can be removed at any time. A wrap normally lasts between 3-5 years, during which you will be generating impressions for your brand everywhere you go. If you have a new special to promote or the wrap is looking worn it is easy to remove the wrap and replace it with a more updated message for your brand. 

If you decide to sell a vehicle in your fleet all you would have to do is remove the wrap and expose the paint. The original finish on your vehicle will remain in the same condition it was in when the wrap was put on. Preserving the quality of the outside of your vehicles will ensure a much higher resale value and an easier sale. One of the best things is that if your current fleet already shows signs of wearing, a custom vinyl fleet wrap will easily bring it back to life. Vinyl wraps will cover over any unappealing scratches, dents, or chipping paint leaving your fleet looking sleek again. Give us a call to get started wrapping your fleet vehicles today.