The Notorious MMA blessed the streets of South Boston last St. Patrick’s Day, and it was our priority at Wrap Solutions’ to make it a celebration you could not forget. Shipping up to Boston isn’t the same without a little Irish Whisky. We were so fortunate to work with one of the industries biggest stars: Conor McGregor. Conor was doing promotional work for his whiskey company- Proper Twelve, world class and beautifully aged – just like our friend. It was awesome partying in the streets of Boston, riding around and celebrating with Conor, and one of our most unique and special jobs to date.

We turned an Escalade into a moving billboard with our custom vinyl car wrap. Our in-house team designed, printed and a stylized the ride to represent McGregor and his brand. With a classy and bold finish, we could not be happier with the final product. Conor and I spent the day touring around in the new ride, making appearances around the city of Boston and showing off his famous personality. McGregor and his team were gracious and respective of the Wrap Solutions family and we all had a great time partying together.

As McGregor continues to train for his up-incoming fights, we like to support his hard work with a little bit of fun. Wrap Solutions offers custom design, graphics and wraps to give you the tools to paint your vision. A little bit of color helps us see the world a bit more optimistically. McGregor’s bold personality was a breath of fresh air and his fighting spirit is inspiring. We loved designing and branding his Escalade and loved tasting the whisky even more. It was overall a day that I will never forget. I wish Conor the best of luck in his future fights, and hope to work with him in the future. It is always refreshing to break the barrier between celebrity and civilian, and reminds us how to treat everybody. Whether or not your the Notorious MMA, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service, for any business, brand or company. Upgrade your appearance and celebrate your accomplishments with fresh vinyl graphics, custom vehicle wraps and adhesive banners for your next event. Wrap Solutions is dedicated to serving your vision, on a world class level. Wrap Today!