First impressions are everything.

Your food is fun, unique and delicious. So should your food truck

Fun Branding.

With so many different styles and flavors to choose from, we understand why the Food Truck industry is much harder than it seems. Wether you are a self made entrepreneur, or managing a corporate fleet, here at Wrap Solutions, we are dedicated to you and your business. We specialize in vehicle wraps, and creating advertisements guaranteed to catch eyes of your customers from any angle, height, or distance. We are brand experts, and can confidently transform any food truck or vehicle into an attractive, fun, mobile billboard, to actively attract and engage customers.

Unique Display.

Your truck is the first thing your customers will notice as they are walking on the street. Your truck will be amongst a number of others, which means that it is absolutely critical that you stand apart and successfully deliver your brand’s message.We want to capture the style of your food and business, and translate that into the design of your trucks.  We understand that the design of your food truck is a critical component – almost as important than the food itself. With so many different styles and flavors to choose from, it is crucial that your truck accurately displays your brand and utilizes the proper color pallet that will leave customers intrigued and addicted. Here at Wrap Solutions, it is our goal to leave our customers confident. We give you the freedom to design and customize your vehicle wrap with countless colors, graphics and textures. Have an idea? We can execute it.

Delicious Graphics.

It is our mission to turn your food truck into an authentic, instantly recognizable brand that gets the traffic you deserve! Our processes at Wrap Solutions is fast, highly customizable, and can be easily changed and maintained. Transform your truck into a beacon with 360 degrees of advertisement, and start attractivng loyal customers that will separate your business from the competition. Make their eating experience delicious by creating an atmosphere that enhances the value of your food.

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