Let’s Skedaddle!


Skedaddle is a truly innovative company that empowers people to ride to amazing destinations with inspiring people… in a tap.

Their Initiative:

They were having a two-day event to showcase their brand, with the initiative of… “Tag @skedaddle for your free ride to your next getaway.”

This is a perfect example of a company utilizing the power of a vehicle wrap to promote.

They turned their vehicle into a mobile billboard. Skedaddle followed every guideline perfectly when designing this wrap, making sure that their event and company initiative was clearly stated. Vehicle wraps are one of the best ways to create awareness and visibility for your brand and they nailed it with this design!

The Challenge: TIMING! 

Most vehicle wraps made for events or promotions are on a strict deadline. This can be because the vehicles being rented for the event are on a time limit or that the creative graphics are not ready until the last minute. This wrap had both of those factors.

  • We had 1 day to print, produce and finish 1,000 sq. ft of graphics.
  • We had 24 hours to wrap this vehicle which was 35+ feet long.
  • We had to remove the graphics in a short window directly after the event (24 hours later) so they could get the vehicle back on the road for it’s regular duties.

From a vehicle wrapping standpoint, we had to be very conscious with the schedule and make sure everything was done perfectly and on their timeline in order to make their event a huge success.

Outcome:  Success!

All factors were met by the client and Wrap Solutions for another successful project.

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