Today, companies spend a considerable amount of time and effort creating a unique brand. In order to succeed they need to stand out. Being unique separates any business from its competition and will drive more customers to its services. The branding craze doesn’t stop with an awesome logo to put in the header of your flashy new website either. Companies will make the effort to brand anything that can be associated with them from office pens to the vehicles they use on the job. It only makes sense then to brand your workspace to promote what makes you unique and make your work environment an extension of the message your company stands for.

Branding your workspace does not come without its fair share of challenges. The first question many individuals ask is where to start. At Wrap Solutions we recommend starting by choosing 2 or 3 colors that can be closely associated with your brand. Color is one of the best ways to extend a brand into a workspace and making sure you choose the right colors is critical. Often the choices aren’t to difficult to make, if your logo prominently features a red logo image next to some black type be sure to use red and black in the new look of your office. Don’t underestimate the power of color.

The next step is to decide what elements you would like to add to make your space completely unique. If you’re an outdoor sports store it might make sense to put a huge image shot from the top of a mountain on one wall. This would help connect the equipment you’re selling to its actual use. If giant images on the wall seems like a bit much then putting your logo in a few select locations can also be an effective way to make a space undoubtedly yours. Make sure to take some time to weigh the pros and cons of a few different options before making a choice.

Once you have a look settled on, the best way to turn your vision to reality is with vinyl wall wraps. At Wrap Solutions we have years of experience installing wall wraps of all sizes in a number of different locations. Anything can be printed on a wall wrap so the possibilities for how your new branded workspace can look are endless. The wraps are easy to install (usually able to be done within a day) and can be removed at any time. We simply adhere the vinyl graphics to your walls and cover up the existing look with a new and exciting one. When you’re ready for something different, the vinyl wall wraps can be easily removed while leaving no damage to the surface underneath. Branding your workspace has never been easier than it is by installing wall graphics with Wrap Solutions. Get in touch with us today to get started.