When trying to create a memorable atmosphere, extending the look and feel of your company’s brand into your physical space is a great way to go. Branded logos, images, and messages are all over and to appear relevant you must follow suit. For large events, such as the Super Bowl, organizers will hang gigantic 75’+ banners from the sides of the stadium to ensure individuals that are attending will get caught up in all the excitement. You probably don’t have space for a 75′ banner but using window wraps is another great cost-effective way to customize your space.

Window wraps are adhesive vinyl wraps that can be installed in empty windows to transform them into a marketing tool. Storefront windows are often overlooked as an asset and with our service, you can get a wrap installed that solidifies the connection between your space and brand. City sign ordinances that get in the way of installing bigger and better signage don’t pertain to flat window surfaces. Filling up open window space with graphics is a wonderful advertising opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

window wrap Boston

Deciding what graphics and information that you would like included in the wrap is the toughest part of the process. A window wrap can play a major role in changing or cementing the face of your business and you need to be sure it is how you want to present yourself. Wrap Solutions suggests finding an experienced graphic designer to put together a mockup of how your wrap will look that you can then bring to us. Working with a designer will allow you to specify exactly what information you would like included and they will make sure it looks good. Many designers will even produce multiple mockups so you can choose the one you feel works best.

After you have decided on a design we can get to work. Wrap Solutions has large format printers that can print whatever image you have chosen onto the wrap in a way that will last up to 5 years. The actual installation time will vary but generally will take less than a day. Once you have your window wrap installed your space will be transformed to reflect your company’s brand. Large format window graphics are an excellent way to get the word out about your business and start realizing increased profits.