brand company vehicles

Customizing fleet vehicles with vinyl car wraps is a great way to increase brand recognition. A unique look at a company car will get your brand impressions while you’re on the road. Branded vehicles help strengthen the connection between your business and the place that it is located. Making sure that your car wrap is designed in a way that makes it stand out while displaying info about your business in a clear way is essential. Car wrap ad campaigns that utilize carefully designed wraps get a return on investment faster than ones put together quickly. We give our customers the following tips when asked about how they can design an awesome car wrap for their brand.

Clearly Display Company Info

Making sure that your business info is displayed in a way that’s easy to read is critical to a campaign’s success. Your company’s name, contact info, services offered and website should all take up a prominent part of your custom car wrap. Giving that info enough space so the information can be easily separated and identified is important. Choosing the best font for the message you want your ad to send is a step that many overlook when designing a wrap as well. Less is more. Too much verbiage hinders the wraps effectiveness.

Brand with Company Colors

If your business already has a brand in place, using the company colors is a great way to instantly connect the vehicle to the services you offer. Vehicle wraps installed by Wrap Solutions can be printed to cover an entire vehicle. Vehicles covered in bright company colors will catch everyone’s attention when you drive by.

Wrapping a company vehicle can be a great place to start if you don’t have a brand for your business figured out yet. Using colors and unique imagery that send the message that you want to be associated with your company can begin a design process to give your brand an eye-catching look.

Think Big

The surface of a fleet vehicle gives you a lot of room to work with. capturing the attention of potential customers can be difficult with the number of ads an individual sees on a daily basis. The audience on the road has been proven to be an attentive one but your brand still needs to stand out. Including giant images that cover entire panels of your vehicle is one way, many businesses have designed their branded vehicles in a way that can’t be ignored.

Branding fleet vehicles with custom vinyl car wraps are quickly becoming the best way for any business to spend their advertising budget. Wrapped fleet vehicles have been proven to increase brand awareness and drive more potential customers to any type of business. A custom vehicle wrap can be designed by a professional or the business-owner themselves.