Getting company vehicles customized with car wraps is a great way to maximize the exposure your business gets for its ad budget. Vehicle wraps can be completely customized with your brand’s message to generate a buzz around your business. The Graphic Design Team at Wrap Solutions has years of experience creating custom vehicle graphics for a variety of different businesses and understands the latest advertising trends. Once your vehicles are customized with vehicle wraps your brand can get over 1,000 daily impressions by just going about your daily routine.

vehicle wrap brand exposure

A wrapped vehicle can put your brand at the front of any potential customers mind. Studies have shown that drivers retain the information they see on company vehicles customized with car wraps at a much higher rate than more traditional forms of advertising. With vehicle wraps, you will be able to have the final say on what customers see without dealing with restrictions present in mainstream media. By taking your branded vehicle to events around town and making an effort to choose parking spaces near busy intersections you will be able to connect your brand to the physical location of your business as well.

Using vehicle wraps is a great way to announce a brand redesign to the world as well. Putting a new logo on a wrapped vehicle will speed up the process of cementing your brand’s new look in consumers minds. Before long potential consumers will recognize your company vehicles at first glance and be interested in finding out more. Including images of your wrapped vehicle in any other brand promotions will help establish a new brand in consumer’s minds as well. Anytime you drive a wrapped company vehicle you will be getting increased exposure for your brand and services.

At Wrap Solutions, we strive to make the process of getting a vehicle wrap installed as easy as possible. We begin with finalizing the design of the wrap, customers can provide their own designs or work with Wrap Solution’s Graphic Design Team to put together the perfect ad. Once we have a design picked out we can start wrapping your company vehicles. We will make sure to thoroughly clean the exterior of your cars before applying the custom graphics to prevent any areas coming unstuck then adhere the custom vinyl graphic. The process can normally be finished in one day but there are some exceptions. A vehicle wrap will get maximum ad exposure for your business for between 3 – 5 years after being installed with proper care.