Truck wraps have changed the way that you can customize a vehicle and businesses are starting to notice. A branded truck can generate considerably more daily impressions than a tv or radio ad for a fraction of the cost. All types of businesses have found ways to promote themselves with truck wraps. The durability of the wraps installed at Wrap Solutions make them ideal for all types of contractors as well. The space on the side of a truck is too big to waste, get a custom truck wrap to boost your business’ advertising.

boston truck wraps

Wrap Solutions is the best place to get a Boston truck wrap. Our expert team has experience installing custom graphics on all types of vehicles and are love to customize vehicles with awesome new looks. The truck wrapping process starts with picking a design that you will use for the graphic. We have a professional design team in-house to help out with any questions. Being able to decipher what is being displayed quickly is important when designing a truck wrap and our experts know just what to do.

After a truck wrap design is chosen we can install the wrap. The truck wrap installation process normally takes between 1 – 2 days so it is important that you and your employees are prepared. The first step in wrap installation is to clean your vehicle to make sure there are no patches of dirt that can cause the truck wrap to come unstuck or create bubbles of air underneath the surface that won’t look good. After we clean your truck we can apply the adhesive vinyl material and get you an awesome new look that everybody will see. Truck wraps installed at Wrap Solutions generally last between 3 – 5 years with the proper care.

Once you get your trucks customized you will start to feel a buzz around your business. You will be promoting yourself wherever you go while on the job and with a nicely designed truck wrap from Wrap Solutions potential customers are sure to notice. Parking a truck with a custom vehicle graphic on it around big events can get your ad seen by even more people. It’s easy to see why so many businesses are getting truck wraps in the Boston area. Truck wraps are completely customizable and offer the most effective spending of an advertising budget. Call Wrap Solutions to learn more about our expert truck wrapping service today.