After you decide that vehicle wraps are the best way to spread your company’s message you need to put together what you actually want the wrap to look like. A good first step is to make a list of all the information you would like to include. Then you can prioritize the info from “most important, needs to be seen from far away” to “not quite as important”. If you are at all artistically inclined you can create a rough sketch of how you would like the wrap to look as well.

Now with the content of your wrap clearly in focus, the next step is to find a graphic designer who has experience working with vehicle wraps. After finding a designer, it is common practice to meet with them to outline what your project is all about. This is where having a list of desired content and sketch will come in handy as you will be equipped to talk about your wrap in detail. The designer will take note of what you’re looking for, probably ask a few questions and set a time frame for getting you design ideas as well as the completion of the project.

The most challenging part of the vehicle wrap design process is reviewing different looks that have been specifically designed for you and deciding which is best. It is helpful to have the list of content you put together in this instance as well. That way you can go down your items like a check list, making sure each one looks how you were hoping and works in the context of the entire wrap. Often the easiest way to review a design is to look at it through the eyes of someone who has no idea about what your business has to offer. Would they be able to tell what your services are quickly? Could they easily find out how to contact you? Will they even know your business’ name.

If you can follow through with the process outlined above and make sure you are not neglecting any details present in the design you will get a vehicle wrap that can last years. Your company’s message will be seen all over town as you go about your daily routine. It will look pretty good as well.