Deciding how you would like your new vehicle wrap to look can be the most exciting part of the process. A nicely designed wrap will set you apart from your competitors and be seen by hundreds of potential customers a day. There are, however, a few common car wrap design mistakes that individuals make when designing their wrap that you should seek to avoid.

car wrap design mistakes

1. Designing the wrap entirely by themselves.

Many business owners feel that they know their business the best so they can create a vehicle wrap that will fit there needs perfectly. This often leads to a very amateur design that has quirks in it that only a few people will even know to look for. The best option is to find a professional designer who can listen to your vision and then draw from their experience to design a few different versions that can continue to be refined.

2. Coming to the first meeting with your designer unprepared.

When meeting with your designer you should already have a pretty good idea of any questions you have. You also need to bring any material like a logo, tagline, images and color ideas in a format that the designer can easily access. Being prepared will allow your vehicle wrap project to hit the ground running and get you the most out of your time.

3. Including too much content on the graphic.

Your graphic should include all necessary information but not feel too crowded. Wraps with too much info to digest will only turn potential customers away in confusion. An expertly designed wrap will have a clear hierarchy in which the most important elements, such as the business name and logo, will stand out from less valuable items like your business hours.

4. Getting stuck on an old look.

Oftentimes change can be for the best. If your designer has tried a few different options using an older logo or color scheme and not coming up with anything satisfactory it could mean you’re ready for a more drastic graphic overhaul. Timing the change with the introduction of your new vehicle wraps is a great way to show off a new look to the public.

We hope these suggestions prove helpful when deciding whether a vehicle wrap is right for your business. With the right help and a little bit of hard work you can have a wonderful looking wrap that will continue to pay dividends for years to come.