After you have decided that the hundreds of daily impressions offered by a branded vehicle wrap are too good to pass up and have a template created to the correct dimensions you can begin the vehicle wrap art preparation. To most individuals, this is the most exciting part of the process. You get the chance to create a new look for your business exactly to your specifications. The options are limitless but there are a few considerations that your project would greatly benefit from.

The most simple way to begin the process of preparing the art for your car wrap is to make a list of the information you would like to include in the wrap. This way you can see the entirety of what your hoping to display and make decisions regarding which info is most important. Creating a hierarchy of information will aid in choosing where specific elements will go and their sizing. It will also help make it easier to eliminate elements when there may not be enough space on your wrap if you already determined it wasn’t that important. You also need to be sure that you have a vectorized version of your logo so it can be blown up big enough to fit on the side of a car.

vehicle wrap art preparation

Once you have your list of desired content ready it’s time to actually design your new wrap. A good place to start is with the colors you’d like to use. Keeping the main elements in your design (aside from images) within 2 or 3 colors is the best way to keep the whole thing feeling cohesive. Make sure to keep these colors visible during the entire design process to avoid straying to far from your idea.

Now that you’ve settled on a color choice you should print out a few pages with your blank template on it. It is here that you can start drawing where you are envisioning each of the elements on your list will go. We find that drawing will give you the best understanding of how there are some limitations regarding the space you have and how it will all fit together. If you’re feeling stuck the internet can be great resource for seeing what other companies have done for their vehicle wraps.

Working out exactly how you want your vehicle wrap to look will take some time and in most cases a few different iterations. The hours spent will be worth it when you have your concept laid out you can bring the design to us. At Wrap Solutions we have years of experience turning customer created designs into spectacular looking car wraps.