car wrap branding

Finding ways to promote a business can be a struggle for any business-owner. A lot of decisions need to be made regarding the content of the ad and where you want to display it. There are literally hundreds of different mediums that can be used for advertising so choosing which one will get the most potential customers to see your service can be tricky. TV and Radio ads can be seen or heard by a number of people but more often than not they will change the station before learning about all you have to offer. Print ads present a number of different obstacles as well and don’t get nearly the same amount of impressions as they used to. There is one form of advertising, however, that business owners all over are beginning to use is revolutionizing the way advertising is done.

Car wraps are the best way to generate thousands of daily impressions and get the word about your products or services to spread fast. A car wrap can be customized to have anything on it. At Wrap Solutions we use state-of-the-art printers so your vinyl vehicle wraps will look beautiful. There is only a one-time printing and installation cost so after the wrap is applied you will only have to worry about keeping the wrap clean. Advertising with car wraps is the best way to advertise and get people talking about your business. The following stats put together by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America illustrate just how effective outdoor advertising with car wraps really is:

  • Advertising with car wraps can reach 95% of Americans
  • Using fleet vehicle advertising can boost name recognition up to 15 times
  • Having one vehicle wrap installed on a company vehicle will generate thousands of daily impressions

As you can see, car wraps truly are on another level in terms of getting the most bang for your buck. We recommend that anyone who is looking to wrap a company vehicle take the time to design an eye-opening car wrap if they want the best return on their investment. At Wrap Solutions we have a team of designers who will be happy to help you visualize your branding ideas. Once installed a car wrap will generally last between 3 and 5 years as long as it is properly cared for. It is important to keep your wrapped vehicle out of direct sunlight during the summer and to regularly wash it to maintain the glossy appearance.

It is not difficult if you want to change the wrap and replace it with something new. Your vehicle will be in the same condition as it was when the wrap was first installed. Take your company’s branding to the next level by getting car wraps installed on your fleet vehicles today.