This Week we are so excited to share with you our latest Wrap for New England Patriots running back: Sony Michel. What an honor for us at Wrap Solutions. If you are living under a rock, Sony has been a crucial part in the Patriots dominant season. Having massive shoes to fill, Sony Michel makes it look easy. His speed, confidence and strength are a perfect match for the GOAT’s play-style. We hope this wrap reflects your head turning abilities when you roll into practice. After winning a Super Bowl his rookie year with the Pats, Michel looks hungrier than ever for another.

Sony shows promise through his determination and hard work. Not just anyone can be a Patriot. At Wrap Solutions, we find tremendous amounts of inspiration through our New England Patriots. Their ability to dominate every week while remaining humble and consistent is the same mentality we strive to achieve here at Wrap Solutions. Goals are achieved through flexibility in your work and rigidness in your vision. We love all of the different kinds of work we get here at Wrap Solutions, but it is always special working with guys like Sony Michel.

After hanging out at the Wrap Solutions garage and sharing football stores, we were finally ready to present Sony with his new ride. It was such a pleasure to give back to someone that provides us with so much entertainment every week. We love the feeling of helping and lifting our customers and is what keeps our company so rejuvenated. Boy was Sony’s Range Rover looking sleek! We used custom vinyl matte finish with custom decals along the edges. This was a fun project for a legend in the making! We could not be happier with the experience. We are looking forward to watching Sony Michel lead the Pats to another Super Bowl (knock on wood)! Thanks for Stopping by Sony! Best of Luck From Wrap Solutions!