Nathan Eovoldi stopped by Wrap Solutions this week to wrap up his Ford f150. We were all stoked to hang out with the rising Red Sox ace and had a great time sharing laughs and stories. After his heroic performance with the 2018 champions, we were all relieved that he is returning to the Sox. We are all impressed with Eovoldi’s stamina and ability to preform under extreme amounts of pressure. That made this job extra special, and had us focused to get the W.

Nathan has become one of Bostons most beloved athletes and continues to impress us with his ability to efficiently close. His pitches are scorching but his temperament is ice cold. It was great to see Eovoldi in a relaxed state and to let Wrap Solutions bear the pressure for a change. Eovoldi reported that he would be returning as a starting pitcher, and we were ecstatic to know that he would claim more responsibility for the Red Sox defense. While his future is shining on the horizon, we never miss an opportunity to celebrate his accomplishments.

At Wrap Solutions we love our New England Sports Stars. We get inspired by working with players like Nathan Eovoldi who undergo extreme amounts of pressure. His discipline and strength goes unnoticed here at Wrap Solutions, and we made sure to close this game with a win. We feel inspired to treat all of our customers like all stars, and hope they see the value that we put into our craft. We loved hanging out and wrapping with Eovoldi, and wish him the best of luck in the up coming season! Go Sox!