A pleasure to welcome yet another Wrap Solutions hall of famer into the garage this week. Today we got the privilege to work with Bostons rising stars: Mitch Moreland. Mitch, signing to the Sox in 2017, is now the franchise first basemen. He appeared in 91 games in 2019, with a batting average of .246 and hitting 19 home runs. Mitch showed great promise as a Red Sox legend, and we couldn’t be happier to work with him. Mitch brought in his Ford F150 to have it transform into a total monster. With custom vinyl wrap, we were able to apply Moreland’s ride with a jet black finish. What a beast!

It was great hanging with Mitch, he is such a down to earth guy and was so grateful. We kicked back, sipped some brews and hung out the old fashion way – talking, laughing and sharing stories. It was day that I will never forget, and I hope to provide him the same value with the car wrap. What makes these players stars is their character on and off the field, and reminds us all that we can control our fate through hard work, and positive action. The Wrap Solutions family welcomes Mitch into our hall of fame, as we recognize his incredible ability and lovable character.

When wrapping cars, every action is crucial to the final product. It helps the Wrap Solutions family stay sharp and positive working with such inspiring athletes. We hope that our company can provide similar value in quality and connection that superstar athletes exemplify. It was an amazing experience working with world series champ Mitch Moreland, and we loved getting to know the guy on a personal level. At Wrap Solutions the connection with our customer is the most important aspect, so it is always special when our New England heros stop by to remind us that we are all human. We hope to see you soon here at Wrap Solutions.