This week we were lucky to wrap with Buffalo Sabers winger: Conor Sheary. Now I know what your thinking… Sabers? Buffalo? Get outta here! But despite Conors team affiliation, we saw through to the core of his Boston spirit. Conor grew up in Winchester just out side of Boston and has been playing hockey since he was young. His hard work paved the way to the start of his professional hockey career with the Pitsburg Penguins. Since the, Conor got to lift up Lord Stanley, and contribute 11 goals in 14 games in his rookie season.

Since then, Conor got signed to Buffalo, where he continues to master his craft. While he was back home for some R&R, we took his Jeep Wrangler off his hands to polish and style. Conor even was gracious enough to stop by the house and shoot around with the kids. It is always special to hangout with the pros, and even more special to learn from them. Conor gave the kids a few pointers on shooting while we gave his ride a few pointers on style. I love being able to offer value to the athletes that provide us with so much entertainment.

Working with Conor Sheary reminded us at Wrap Solutions what it means to work hard. The grind never stops for us, and working with high profile locals makes the job all the more rewarding. Whether you need your car, truck, boat or fleet wrapped, Wrap Solutions has you covered. We work until the job is done and don’t stop until you are satisfied. We treat all clients like they are superstars, because thats what it means to do business with us. We hope to stylize and transform your physical assets to match your vision and brand. Come down and check out whats going on at Wrap Solutions any time. You might be missing out on something huge!