Bruins All-Star defense prodigy Charlie McAvoy blessed us with his presence last week and got his Jeep Grand Cherokee wrapped. It was a pleasure to shake his hand and talk hockey. Charlie is the next generation of Bruins Superstars, and we are estatic to have him as a Boston Bruin. We applied sleek and stylish matte grey finish to his ride to match style with power. This world class superstar proved his loyalty to Boston through hard work, respect and leadership on and off the ice. Only 21 years old, McAvoy has some big shoes to fill. The young defensemen plays along side Bruins legend and team captain Zdeno Chara, and is quickly evolving into a similar beast.

While waiting for his custom car wrap, we were lucky to have Charlie over to the house, where me and the kids got to shoot around on the ice. McAvoy showed us his skills as a shooter, stick-handler, and most importantly: a friend. The kids were ecstatic to play along side their hockey hero, and took away some important hockey and life skills. McAvoy is a great hockey player and an outstanding person. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to go on to do some legendary things.

While McAvoy was chilling and playing with the Wrap Solutions family, we decided to surprise him by delivering his fresh matte car wrap early. It was amazing to see his eyes light up like the way ours do when we are watching the B’s. It feels great to work with such talented leaders, but it always humbles us. Charlie McAvoy demonstrated outstanding character that reminds us what it really means to do business. Connection, value and family. If you want service co-signed by legendary athletes like Charlie, then look no further- come wrap with us at Wrap Solutions.